Why It Works

What makes Airtime so effective?

Why is data on behavior so valuable?

In the digital age all organizations are facing a paradox that is limiting their effectiveness. As all organizations use more technology to support their work the route to superior performance is in the human-to-human interactions that the technology cannot replicate. The more technology the more crucial human skills become.
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One of the most crucial transferrable soft skills is verbal communication, how we talk together in groups and teams.

Verbal communications skills are central to:

Effective Leadership
and Managment
Problem Solving
Innovation and
Selling and
Culture Change
Agile Work
  • When I am behaving in a less than productive manner, I know it and, as importantly, the people around me know it. We all hold each other accountable for our behavior.

  • Airtime really helped us to see where in our communication we could improve, now we’re a much better team.

  • Having the data allowed our leaders to understand, maybe for the first time, how their behavior either helped or hindered the group in performing effectively. We are now so much better it is incredible.


    Airtime works because…

    • Airtime provides a unique view of verbal behavior using observation and reporting tools. The method generates real time data and is focused on practice rather than abstract theory.

    • Airtime data is objective, which helps people reflect on what they did versus what they meant to do.

    • Reflection triggers cognitive dissonance and thus begins a transformative learning process in the individual and team.

    • Airtime provides data-driven, soft-skill development that provokes and catalyzes rapid verbal behavior change.

    • Improved verbal skills immediately increase (or impact) the quality of conversation and decision making in team settings.

    • Airtime is therefore cost-effective in transforming verbal behavior and the overall performance of groups and teams.

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