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    I have always been interested in decision making. I am most curious about how groups think through to a decision. In my experience, tough, complex, multidisciplinary problems are uniquely intended for teams to solve. I have generally learned that no one person has the answer, we may have more questions than answers, answers are built between thinkers, and we have to integrate multiple perspectives into our thinking. Not every team I have been on does well at these. I understand quality conversation might not guarantee a good outcome, but it does dramatically increase the odds of one. I want to help every team get 100% better at thinking together.


    I’ve been working with individuals, teams, and organizations for 40 years. No matter what the goal of the work is: coaching, strategy, organization development, change management, etc. the importance of communication and trust quickly become the cornerstones for success. I am very excited incorporating Airtime into this important work. I’m dedicated to focusing on the fundamentals of trust and communication to better serve those we work with. I live in Ellicott City, MD with my husband and business partner Andre Kotze, along with our pup Aiko.


    Having spent my working life as a career expat, living in eight countries and working in at least two dozen more, I have come to believe that diversity in all its forms is not only desirable, but is a prerequisite for thriving in today’s markets. Dealing with multiple languages, customs, religions, and different ways of doing things requires a very clear and effective communication strategy. Have you ever tried to set down company policy or operational procedures when your staff come from 46 countries and speak 90 different languages (this is a real-world example)? This is where Airtime comes to the fore, teaching people the value of effective communication.


    I should have been a mechanical engineer, but the internet intervened and I discovered I loved making virtual machines! With programming and visualizing data I love to juggle the many thoughts in my head as they swarm to a solution or pattern. With this basic enjoyment and the damn good luck of being friends with Organizational Development consultants, I have had the pleasure of exercising my mind to fullfill their ambitious projects of bringing better communication and personal realization to folks at work. I get to do the interesting work of making internet based tools that really help people in their work and life. The work my Airtime colleagues do can be employed by their clients at work and at home. It is fullfilling to serve this purpose while getting to play around with virtual machine building.


    I’ve enjoyed a career built on the bedrock of communicating in service of making connections.  I use words to inquire and uncover obstacles, discover and redefine visions, to engage and inspire action, to share information and teach concepts and to shape the work of organizations.   The more I learn about the art and science of communicating, the more I know how much I have yet to learn.  I am a firm believer in the notion that the quality of life is enhanced by the quality of communication.  I travel life’s adventure with my husband and 10 year old son; we’ve enjoyed putting roots down in New Market, MD, 1 hour outside of Washington, DC.


    There’s nothing more satisfying than making the user experience more pleasant and efficient. For many of us, digital and visual tool use takes up a large amount of our time each day, and often this is less than enjoyable. Over the years my background in learning and editing has expanded into helping make the experience of using a digital document, website, or app be the best it can be. My goal is to make the tools and digital aids we use as easy as possible so that a larger proportion of our expended effort can be devoted to the work at hand and less at deciphering. I love energizing this creative side of my work from my home in Annapolis, MD.


    My background has always been in customer service. I have experience in many different industries including hospitality, manufacturing, distribution, higher education, and elementary education with special needs students. What is the common factor? Communication. It all comes down to communication and the art of conversation. The team here at Airtime is amazing. There is always something to learn from this positive and very talented team. I live in Ellicott City, MD with my husband and our three kids.


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    What we believe

    • AirtimeBA was created because of a powerful belief that one of the most important things we can do as a global society right now is to transform the quality and effectiveness of human-to-human dialog.

    • Working together effectively requires that we behave skillfully.

    • Humanity is facing unprecedented and complex challenges, which must be addressed by turning to each other and working together effectively.

    • We can only build our collective skills in dialog if we understand in detail what good looks (and feels) like.

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