Client Stories

It all starts with a conversation

  • When I am behaving in a less than productive manner, I know it and, as importantly, the people around me know it. We all hold each other accountable for our behavior.

  • Airtime really helped us to see where in our communication we could improve, now we’re a much better team.

  • Having the data allowed our leaders to understand, maybe for the first time, how their behavior either helped or hindered the group in performing effectively. We are now so much better it is incredible.


    Client Success

    Airtime helps our clients in a range of different contexts, from supporting leadership and management development, to meeting the needs of culture change, to helping design superior strategy, and more. Our clients understand deeply that skilled verbal communication is critically important to building strong relationships between employees and with clients/customers.

    We build strong relationships with clients who understand the primary importance of people-with-people verbal interactions as they navigate market conditions and workplace pressures. We are engaged with clients on a huge range of issues from those who need help with strategic planning for recovery or growth, to specific help with the performance of middle managers to creating the conditions for sustainable success.

    Client Stories

    I have changed how I lead in group meetings

    “ Working with Airtime helped me see how...
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    Working with Airtime helped me see how my behavior was out of step with my intention. Seeing the data was a wake up call and although the development path hasn’t been easy it has paid off for me (and my direct reports) big time.

    I feel more included now and understand how to include others

    “ I often struggled to participate successfully in meetings
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    I often struggled to participate successfully in meetings, finding myself closed down or not being able to get my opinion heard or my expertise used. Airtime helped me to understand much more about how specific verbal behavior influences how individuals participate in group interactions. I think we are walking the talk on inclusivity much more now.

    Airtime helped make it easier to have meetings that work

    “ I think every organization struggles to develop...
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    I think every organization struggles to develop effective strategies and one of the reasons is that to do so requires the engagement and participation of so many people, often in group settings of different kinds. Airtime helped us all to see how our verbal behavior was often unhelpful in our strategy dialogues and helped us to radically improve our practice.

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